Sunrise Books is High Point’s independent bookstore, a partner in the revitalization of Uptowne. Come join us for the latest bestsellers, old favorites, new discoveries—as well as lively conversation, gifts, cards, and coffee.

7 Hillcrest Place
High Point, NC



to High Point’s independent bookstore

Open Monday-Saturday 10-6


Every Thursday at 10 am, join us for an exciting children's story. Stay to color on the kids' table, and enjoy bookstore fun!

If you like a little silliness with your literature, check out our new line of literary-themed mugs, notebooks, sticky notes, and more. From Freudian slips (notes) to the Shakespearian Insult Mug, these are affordable and fun. 

A word about parking...You may park on either side of Hillcrest Place outside of the No Parking areas near driveways and intersections. You may also park across Main Street and use the crosswalk. And don't sweat the narrow parking spaces; You don't have to fit within the lines to be safe. No need to jump the curb!

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Tuesday, September 20
Wine and Books!

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NEW! ​Unemployed Philosophers Guild

How about a little wine with a good book? We'll be discussing This Dark Road to Mercy by NC author, Wiley Cash. Special $12.75.

All we need is YOU.

Join Sunrise Books, 6:30 pm, at  our book club partner:

Every Thursday
"Sunrise Kids"